Leader in manufacturing of metal cases for gaming machines and sports betting terminals in Europe


We can design and manufacture any kind and complexity of metal cabinet at the request of customers.Our experienced engineers bring solutions to each project to adapt or create new solutions as needs arise.

About us

We can produce comfortable, functional, intuitive and easy to support cabinets, as well as we can fill it with all the necessary components in accordance with customer specifications. In the production of our products, we use the most advanced technology in the field of metal processing.

Our lineup of metal cabinets for gaming machines and sports betting terminals in Europe stand out for their style, functionality and individuality. The advantages of our products is the best quality and design at low prices and minimal terms of manufacturing.

Warehouse and showroom is located in Poland, Zabrze, in a place with convenient transportation, which has obvious advantages for the delivery of our products. We can deliver our products to anywhere in Europe in a very short time at minimal prices.

gaming machines and sports betting terminals in Europe

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What sets us apart?


Oryginal LED backlighting in a perfectly manufactured steel case, which can not go unnoticed


We can make an enclosure with any receiver, reader, printer, and other devices for you.


With great care and attention to detail, we create high-quality products always looking flawless.


The brand new N18 enclosure uses the best solutions known from our previous models. The most important change to the N18 model is the use of three 27-inch displays.

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+4832 79 39 702